About Us

How are we different?

There are other Bible-believing, Christ-exalting churches in Great Falls. (By that we mean churches which agree with the five basic convictions of the Reformation.) But what makes Westside unique? Here’s a quick taste:


Worship fuels everything:

Glorifying God is more than music. It is the essence of life. It should consume our all. It must drive our praying and evangelism. We worship “in truth.” Therefore, we aim to build our praise on the perfect Scriptures in our preaching, teaching, music and lifestyle. And we worship “in spirit.” Therefore, our praise is not measured by fancy clothes, stylish buildings or state-of-the art technology.


The absolute sovereignty of God:

He is completely in charge! He invades and mercifully changes hardened souls. We affirm the Bible’s paradox of God’s unconditional predestination and real human choices and responsibility.


A plurality of elders:

There is one Senior Pastor of the church—Jesus Christ! He remains the chief Shepherd. No leader has all the talents a congregation needs. And every leader needs the accountability of other leaders in the church. Team leadership is balanced leadership.


Male spiritual leadership:

We take the Bible text of 1 Timothy 2:11-15 in its plain, simple sense. Concerning spiritual teaching or authority, men must be taught and led by men. So, our elders are men and ministries involving men are led by men. Nevertheless, there’s a lot that men need to learn from women through informal means. (This means we don’t ignore other Bible texts like Galatians 3:28.)


Family integrated Worship and Fellowship:

Westside is joined with the National Center for Family Integrated Churches. In essence, such churches believe the family should grow together in Christ in the local church, rather than be split up all the time.


Church discipline:

To be a Christian is to pursue holiness. To grow in grace we need each other’s help. Sometimes that requires “tough love.” In Westside members hold each other accountable. The reputation of the Gospel is our passion; the restoration of people, our goal.